Mind and Body Fitness

Women's 5k Physical 2023

We're fundraising for Cancer Council Tasmania

We're helping to contribute to the ongoing operations of Cancer Council Tasmania by running or walking 5km in September 2023. Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Clarissa Mills

Have a great run today Cath and Sig! Ru and Clarissa x



Go Ashie go


Tammi Crosswell

Super proud of you Golds! Great cause, well done!



You can do this Ash x


Ashlea Catterall

So much love for you Xx


Catherine Kriesch


Jemma Donovan

Awesome work 👏



Great job 👏


Maree X

Great group for a great cause x


Debbie Moss


Jess Farley




Clinton M Rooney

Go Off


Lauren Bartlett


Daniel D

Good on you go get it 🙂


Goldie Byrne


Kellie Phillips


Molly Peters

You go girl


Tahnee Bonney


Anita Gorham


Nic Bailey