Where does
the money go?

When you fundraise for Cancer Council Tasmania, you are contributing to the ongoing operations of many vital services we provide to the local community.

In 2019 - 2020, Cancer Council Tasmania:

  • 24,817 cancer support and information resources were distributed. 
  • 7439 occasions of support were provided (including one-to-one support, group supports and support programs).
  • 423 clients received a total of over $96,000 in financial support, in partnership with Aurora Energy and Telstra. 
  • 395 clients were taken to over 4,800 cancer related appointments by transport2treatment volunteers. 
  • 26 young people with cancer and their families were assisted with over $22,000 from the 'Rachel & Jye' Fund.
  • 205 calls were made to our 13 11 20 Cancer Support and Information Line to speak to an Oncology Registered Nurse. 
  • 175 clients accessed our Centrelink Program. 
  • 158 wigs were borrowed from our three wig libraries. 
  • 127 clients received Oncology Massage including Bowen Therapy. 
  • 250 people accessed Cancer Council's Complementary Therapies across the state. 

We also provided $200,000 into cancer research including clinical trials and research grants. 

These statistics don’t even cover our engagement with the Quit Tasmania program who provided support to 4,308 Tasmanians last year, our Sunsmart program that aims to educate schools about sun protection and minimise UV exposure, our volunteers and social media reach or our community engagement.


helps transport a client to treatment


helps fund a call to a cancer nurse that provides free and confidential information on all aspects of cancer


will help fund ground breaking research into new and better ways to diagnose and treat cancer


helps us purchase a new wig for a client recovering from treatment