How to

See our tips on how you can quickly and easily reach your $200 fundraising goal.

If you want to reach even higher fundraising goal, have a look at these suggestions below:

  • Post a picture of a jar of jelly beans on your page, or take to your workplace and ask people to donate $2 per guess (give the closest guess the jar as their prize!)
  • Host a market stall, garage sale or street store with fresh produce, used items you no longer need or flowers from your garden
  • Ask for sponsors to help you reach a training target – want to train 100 km over two months? See who’ll back your challenge!
  • Try an activity in your neighbourhood or community: car wash, bake sale, trivia night
  • Fashion shows, silent auctions and treasure hunts are a bit more advanced but lots of fun!
  • Host a dinner party and hold games for donations – balloon pop, mystery box, guess the baby picture.. the choices are endless!

If you have ideas about your own fundraising activities and you want to put your own skills and knowledge to work to help raise funds, please click here.