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My most incredible mum, Robin, died two years ago today. At the time it was both deeply sad and a massive relief that she passed away. It was a relief because we didnt have to watch her die anymore. Mum's cancer was an awful one - not that there are nice ones - but this was a monstrosity of a beast growing physically out of her knee, and inside other parts of her body. She suffered terribly and unnecessarily. I hope nobody has to live through what we lived through. Throughout the last year of her life the Cancer Council Tasmania provided invaluable support to mum, her husband and to us, her children. I am so impressed by the adaptability of the organisation this year due to C-19! A virtual event will still help to raise much needed funds. Do it for her! x

I'm doing it for my mum, Robin (21.4.52-27.7.2018)

I'm helping to contribute to the ongoing operations of Cancer Council Tasmania's transport2treatment program, by running or walking 5km throughout the 11 - 13 of September.

Thank you for your support.

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Trevallyn Grocer

All the best from all the staff at Trevallyn Grocer


Lazpar Forsyth

To the most wonderful (and only) daughter of the most wonderful woman (Robin Grace West). Go Melza! 💋


Workforce Xs



Your smile lights up a room so it’s the most fitting thing ever that the results of your running will light up the lives who need it most


Rae Smith

My friend Westy. Inspirational is the word that springs to mind when I think of you. Robin would be so proud of her girl and so am I. Big love x


Cindy Kurtukoff

Well done Melody. Inspired by yr Mum and you do the same to many of us. Transferring your loss into gains for the CC. Bless ya babe 💞💞



Thank you for fund raising for this great cause XXX


Emily, Josh & Isabelle Cole

Because of this beast of a disease Izzy never got to meet her Grandad. All our love and support is behind you champion! X


Angela Driver

You are my guru!!


Nick Hookway

Well done champ! Legendary effort!! 💕💕💕


Nicholas Hookway

Go girl!!


Carley & Pete



Colleen Hodgins And Michael Adams

Miss her sassiness and friendship ...go girl


Kristin Warr

Good on you! This is a great organisation that supports more Tasmanians than I wish had to be supported through this awful disease, but I like many others are so grateful for them... and for you! Xx




Louise Pattie


Queenie Hair

Great job GF! We love ya, from Kiddie and Queenie xxx


Edwina Dick

Melody, what an amazing achievement today! I am so glad I got to meet your beautiful Mum that morning in the pool cafe - well done and huge hugs. xx


Abbey Macdonald


Ruth King





Katie Ebert

Well done! You are an amazing woman just like Robyn was! Xx


Rachel Johnson

Good Luck Mel xxx



Run Mella Run!


Andy Kenna


Trish And B

Your mum would be so proud of you Westy. You are an amazing woman and person and I know she gifted much of that to you. Much love to you and all your family and can we please kick cancers butt!!!!. X


The Mabinators

Go Westy xx


Fleur Evans

You truly are an extraordinary lady!! Your mum would be very proud xx



Robbie would be so proud darling ❤️


Liza Waters

Melody you are an inspiration as was your beautiful Mumma xx


Chloe Dobson

You’re amazing! Adam and I love you dearly x



I think of your mother often and what she went through so bravely. What a good thing to do Melody she would be very proud.


Jess Hocking

You got this! 💪


Catherine Palmer


Alyson Torney




Adam Mee

May the wind always be at you back xx


Martine Plakalovic

Go you good thing!! Well done Mel. You always find a way to shine and to help others find their light. The Plaka’


Rae Ikin

Well done on your support of such an important event and cause.




Orit Novak


Ella May

Good for you Melody. I lost my lovely mum to cancer over thirty years ago so this is a cause close to my heart too ❤️


Pete Hillier


Tim Bunton

Well done Mel. You should be so proud of your efforts and funds raised.


Rosie Young


Aleyna Murray-sutton

Love you Melly - Robsy would be so proud & was the best Mudda ❤️


Ellie Cobb

Gorgeous tribute to your mum. You're a wonderful human and its a pleasure to support you in a tiny, tiny way x


Puneet Kashyap


Jacci Wolfe

You are an inspiration Melody. I'm sure your Mum would be very proud. xx


Melody West


Tracey Muir


Marion And Andrew

Great job Melody!!


Tracey Miceborough

Melody you're amazing, love to you xx



With loads of admiration x Your mum would be so proud 💕 Love kris x


Isa Bartkowiak

<3 :)


Vicki Ross

Your very inspirational my friend. It's such a worthy cause 💛



Well done Mellie West for doing this for your beloved Mum. We all miss her so much every day. Happy to support you to #doitforher


Roz Mckinnell

good on you for your fundraising. I will be collecting on Daffodil Day to do a bit for the Cancer Council.


Amanda Mccaig

Well done Mel, so many people will be touched by this terrible disease and every cent makes a difference in the fight against it and the support within.


Leanne Arnott

Big hugs to you Melody. A beautiful way to honour your gorgeous mum xxx


Merle Nielsen


Anne Mackinnon

Good work beautiful way to rememberx


Susan Lister

What a woman your beautiful mum was, she has raised an exquisite daughter. She is so proud of you x


Julie Woolcock


Luke Badcock


Philippa Kennedy