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Virtual Tribute Wall

Annies pink ladies

Annie's pink ladies are honouring Annie who is fighting a super aggressive breast cancer with all her might


I'm doing my first run(walk) for mum, recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and previous survivor of breast cancer.

niece died of cancer

Zali Duncan

I am participating in the Women’s 5k Run to raise funds and awareness of people who have dealt with cancer, dealt with the grief of losing someone to cancer, people battling cancer currently, and survivors of cancer. ❤️


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Lisa Pucci

I dedicate my runs and fundraising efforts to my auntie Bianca who sadly lost her battle with cancer on 14 September 2022. She leaves behind a daughter, son and many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Monique H

For my ma, my grandma, my father and my grandfather,


I am running the 5km this year to support the cancer council with by fundraising in a team this year. My Nan who was sadly taken by cancer in 2020 really took a toll of me and my family. Thankyou for all your support for this important cause.


I have Merkel cell cancer doing walk for me


I am participating in honour of my dear Aunty Lorraine who was taken sudden by cancer this year,

Shania Darmadi

Goodluck with your team run!