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Virtual Tribute Wall

Do Duy Han Huynh

I am walking for all the people who impacted by this cancer. May memories and the love of family surround you and give you strength.

Ang Lethborg

I'm walking for my nan who had breast cancer 23 years ago and now, at 84 fighting again. Also for my husband's mum who sadly we lost, for a dear friend who we also lost, my beautiful neighbour that I have grown up with since I was 4 who walked with us last year after having breast cancer and myself, at 33 diagnosed with cancer. Doing the walk/run keeps the memories alive for all our loved ones.


I am participating in the ‘Women’s 5K’ this weekend in honour of my mother, Annette. My Mum recently passed away from Breast Cancer earlier this year. But prior, has five years worth of chemotherapy and radiation.

Bonney Jones

I’m so glad to complete my 5km walk/ run today in support of Cancer Council .

Nicky Moore

So proud of my little sister, Joke Boekhout, who had to face and cope with breast-cancer last year, but was diagnosed early and has recovered. Wishing everyone facing this battle lots strength, loving support and a positive outcome!


Walking In memory of those who have lost there lives to cancer & to raise awareness for a great cause. Also walking for some beautiful friends who have been on the same journey as me, I am in remission from Breast Cancer. ‘DOING IT FOR HER 2020’

Pip Cooper

My daughter Laura and I are doing this for all those impacted by cancer and all those lost to it - we will make a difference for you.

Maree Nunn

This 2020 kick arse walk is for my gorgeous sister in law Pammy who is battling this disease. The most gorgeous, loving friend anyone could wish for. 💜💜💜

Ruby Jones

I’m raising money to help all families who are touched by this disease, especially my best friends mum. Please help me to support them 😊


I decided to walk/ run 5 km and raise money to pay tribute to those who lost their lives to cancer and all who currently going through treatment. I think that every dollar counts in helping those who need it, also I’m surviving ovarian cancer and so grateful for every day of my life and thankful for all the support I have received.

Darlene Harris

i lost my mum to breast cancer when i was 12. She was 39 and had so much more life to live

Anneka Wells

I and my dog are running after losing a close friend Sonya who would always be there when you needed someone but passed from cancer earlier this year

Lesley Chintock

3 years post chemo & radium - going well. Last year was my 1st walk , I’m hooked now. I hope we can walk/run next year in Launceston. We will be walking in our local area this year.


I'm walking for my Nanna Rita, Aunty Dianne & Aunty Debbie. I will see you in heaven one day. it will only feel like a minute apart. Thank you for being a part of my life. I will love you all for ever.

Danielle Bywaters

I am walking to celebrate how magnificent cancer care is in Tasmania


For all my boobie sisters And other friends affected by cancer My Dad, my Mum and my brother. And Me! Too many people I know.

I will be walking in honour of my pop who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.


I'm running for my amazing aunties and Oma's who have survived cancer; and for all the women out there who have survived, cared for, succumbed to and lead a cancer journey... I'm Doing It For Her.

I am walking for all the people in my life that have been impacted by cancer, particularly at the moment.